David Kaczynski on Growing Through an Ethical Dilemma

Grow Through It: Ethical Dilemmas

David Kaczynski describes the ethical dilemma he faced after suspecting his older brother Ted was the Unabomber. He attributes family support, trust, and the shared process of ethical decision-making (with his wife and mother) with helping him grow through it.

Wendy Sefcik, Lost Son to Suicide

Grow Through It: Loss & Grief

Wendy Sefcik talks about losing her teenage son to suicide and growing through it with the support of family, friends, and community; by learning about suicide risk in youth and teens; and “Remembering T.J.”…by raising awareness for mental health.

Jacy Good, Distracted Driving Accident Survivor

Grow Through It: Accidents

Jacy Good, founder of Hang Up and Drive, describes losing her parents and becoming partially paralyzed as the result of a car accident with a distracted driver. Good says that each time you get into a car, you can be smarter and kinder by putting down your phone.