Sarah Vazquez on Growing Through Cerebral Palsy

Grow Through It: Disabilities

Sarah Vazquez, speaker, author, and advocate, describes what it was like growing up with Cerebral Palsy. Through her mother’s innovative care, she learned that the label of disability did not define her. It was her dreams and abilities that did.

Veenu Keller on Growing Through Childhood Bullying

Grow Through It: Hate, Prejudice, Bullying

Veenu Keller, life coach, describes being bullied throughout her childhood, leaving her with no self-esteem and suicidal as a teenager. At the age of 34, she transformed her life and work after attending a Tony Robbins seminar and learning how to change her attitude and life.

Scott Chesney on Growing Through Paralysis

Grow Through It: Disabilities

Scott Chesney, motivational speaker and life coach, tells his story of becoming paralyzed at the age of 15 through a congenital malformation. He believes that disability is an attitude and embraces all that he can still do from his wheelchair.

Sally Alexander on Growing Through Going Blind

Grow Through It: Disabilities

Sally Alexander, children’s book author, describes losing her sight at 26 and growing through it with the support of her family, friends, and training programs. While being blind is difficult, she says that disability can be life-changing and improving, and says she is a better person because of it.

Jacob Rudolph on Growing Through Coming Out

Grow Through It: LGBT Challenges

Jacob Rudolph, Executive Director of The Pride Network, tells his story of coming out as gay during a high school awards ceremony. He stresses the value of authenticity and living a life of integrity. And suggests to others to seek support to get through the tough times.

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