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Guidelines for Submitting a Video to Grow Through It

  • Your Story:
    We want to hear your story and how you grew through it. Think of an experience that you grew through — whether it is an illness, the loss of a loved one, a broken heart, a natural disaster, downsizing, an addiction or dependence, abuse of some kind or other traumatic experience. Tell us what happened. How did you go through it/grow through it? What did you learn? What advice would you give others going through a similar challenging situation?
  • Your Presentation:
    Telling your story fluidly may involve several practice “takes.” Remember to get comfortable with transitions and language before you create your final video. Please keep your story to less than 6 minutes long. Aim for five and a half minutes.
  • Your Environment:
    The most important thing is for viewers to see and hear you clearly. Record in a well-lit, quiet environment without interruption.
  • Your Recording:
    All Grow Through It videos must be submitted through You Tube/Google. Click here to create a YouTube account if you do not already have one.
  • Your Identification:
    Introduce yourself in the way you feel most comfortable. When you upload your video, enter a title and description for your story. For the title, use the words Grow Through It and how you want to be identified (first name, for example). In the description line, add the category from the list below that best describes the story you are telling. We realize there may be some overlap, but try to narrow it to one descriptive category. Please don’t incorporate our logo into your video as it is a trademarked image.

    Grow Through…

Fill in the following required fields to submit your YouTube video*:

    If you do not have the ability to upload a video or would prefer to provide a text account of your story, click here.

    *We reserve full editorial rights to select which videos we post on the site.