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Who We Are

Grow Through It is an online public service project that highlights stories of resilience and post-traumatic growth, launched by C.J. Lonoff and sponsored by Speaking Matters LLC. In 2004, after spending more than twenty years in communications, marketing and research, C.J. created Speaking Matters, a lecture agency which represents a select group of speakers who encourage thoughtful introspection and ignite personal and societal change.

Through her work, C.J. encounters individuals with amazing stories to tell of bouncing back–and forward–from adversity. People often wonder how others survive and even thrive after life-changing experiences. While there is no single solution or path to take, we are never alone. We can learn ideas for navigating through difficult times and traumatic experiences by hearing how others did it.

Special thanks to our generous team of advisors/consultants/supporters whose ideas and guidance helped create and fine tune this project. For web design and creative direction, thank you to Kim Adams, Susan Goodman and Brian Farrell. For content, warm appreciation to Susan Goodman, Patricia Durante, Jeffrey Lonoff, and Belinda Ulrich. For resources and fundraising ideas, thank you to Maria Sirois. For overall support, heartfelt thanks to Karin Abarbanel, Tal Ben-Shahar, Jacqui Danilow, Dave Garland, Michael Lonoff and Roberta Lonoff.