Anjum Coffland on Growing Through the Trauma of Losing Her Daughters

Grow Through It: Loss & Grief

Anjum Coffland describes going through a divorce and her husband killing her two teenage daughters Tiffany and Brittany before shooting her in the legs and then killing himself. After the murders, Anjum went into survival mode and gets through it day by day. She pushes herself in hopes that she will be with her girls again one day. She advocates for changing gun laws so that it is not as easy for someone to get a gun when they are going through a divorce and in an upset state of mind. She believes that one phone call could have saved her family. She acknowledges that it takes time to heal and encourages anyone going through something similar to keep going, keep pushing. “Don’t give up on yourself,” she says.

Florence Williams on Growing Through Heartbreak

Grow Through It: Romance & Heartache

Florence Williams, author of Heartbreak: A Personal and Scientific Journey, describes meeting her husband on her first day of college. Thirty-two years later, he said he wanted out of their marriage. This unexpected midlife heartbreak sent her reeling physically, emotionally and existentially. As a science writer, she researched what was happening to her and how she could heal. What she learned guided her to a three-part recovery, resulting in post-traumatic growth.