Eilene Zimmerman on Losing Her Ex-Husband to a Secret Drug Addiction

Grow Through It: Family Secrets and Loss & Grief

Eilene Zimmerman, author of the memoir Smacked: A Story of White-Collar Ambition, Addiction, and Tragedy tells the story of losing her ex-husband to complications of a secret IV drug addiction. Peter hadn’t seemed right for some time before he died — he behaved oddly, lost weight and hair, looked unhealthy, and kept losing and forgetting things. Since he was a hard working partner in a prestigious law firm, the last thing Eilene suspected was drugs. (more…)

Keith Hoffman on Growing Through a Sibling’s Transition

Grow Through It: LGBT Challenges

Keith Hoffman, author of the forthcoming book The Summer My Sister Grew Sideburns, describes his experience as a 5th grader in the Midwest when his big sister transitioned to his big brother. In 1974, when his mother said, “We are going to accept it, but not talk to anyone about it outside the family,” she created a family secret that he navigates to this day.